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Technology Overview

Effectively directing a large, national transport fleet has become a complicated and sophisticated undertaking. Allied Express invests heavily in maintaining a cutting-edge system to ensure the highest possible level of service to our clients by ensuring the maximum productivity from our resources.
So too, managing the sheer volume and number of individual items carried by that fleet creates technological demands of its own and we equip our drivers and vehicles well to meet the challenge.

Vehicles communicate all data relevant to each delivery back to base in real-time. The fleet is tracked via GPS and the whereabouts and job status of each vehicle updated constantly so the control room can allocate the closest, most appropriate vehicle for a job ? and that means fast, efficient service. A job?s progress can be monitored through this website by using Track & Trace. Our on-line account service delivers flexibility to your accounts people to monitor, allocate and ultimately control your transport expenditure better than ever before.

At Allied we are committed to providing technological answers to the questions of speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and security in the areas of vehicle deployment, freight handling and accounting. We see technology as an integral part of providing a valued service to our clients now and into the future.

For more detail, select the individual technology section below.

Fleet Management

Total awareness of the fleet in real time is at the heart of Allied's ability to efficiently manage its high volume of business and level
of service.
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Online Invoicing & Billing

On-line invoicing, the streamlined, fully downloadable way to monitor and control your transport costs.
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Track & Trace

Track and trace a job through the length of its entire journey.
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